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Welded Bow Spring Centralizers Applied Widly in Primary Cementing

2017-06-06 11:30:16

ZHENGZHOU, JUNE 06, 2017- Welded bow spring centralizer is applied to centralize casing in the wellbore during primary cementing. Many bow centralizer manufacturers like Weatherford, Top-Co, Antelope Oil Tool, DAVIS-LYNCH, LLC design and manufacture this kinds of bow spring centralizers to assit casing running and cementing.


The welded bow centralizers are available in sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch (5-1/2inch, 7inch, 9-5/8inch, 10-3/4inch and 13-3/8inch are regular sizes), the welded centralizer is composed of heat-treated spring bows and rigid end collars. The slip-on end collar or latch-on end collar are availble to provide fixed supported, those  two design  is for easy installation.


The welded centralizer bow can provide higher restoring force and lower starting and running forces, also can help reduce the effects of channeling by improving the cement flow, which results in a more uniform thickness between the casing and wellbore. These bow spring centralizers are used in vertical or horizontal wells.


All regular welded bow spring centralizers are manufactured and tested according to API (American Petroleum Institute) 10D specification, any special requirement like bow quatities, heights are available. In order to save the cementing costs, integral set screws are installed on the collar in advance.



Welded Bow Spring Centralizers Series as follows:

1. Standard welded bow spring centralizers

2. Welded bow spring centralizers, Close Tolerance, Slip-on

3. Hinged welded bow centralizers

4. Hinged welded bow turbolizers

5. Hinged welded semi-positive bow spring centralizers

6. Rigid hinged welded centralizers

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