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Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings

  • 1.Rod Pumps Inserted inside the Tubing.
    2.Anchored in a cup type or mechanical type seating nipple.
    3.Smaller in diameter than a tubing pump.
    4.Meeting API Specification 11AX
    5.Barrels available in harden and honed, brass, and NiCarb

    API Rod Pumps inserted inside the tubing-API Insert Pumps

  • 1.High Volume, Heavy Duty Pumps.
    2.Fluid load will be greater than with an Insert pump.
    3.Applied in Limited Well Depth.
    4.Meeting API Specification 11AX.
    5.Standing Valve Available With Fixed and Retrievalbe.

    API Tubing Pumps Made in Puyang Zhongshi Group

  • 1.Available with V11 Valve Ball and Seat
    2.Material:Tungsten Carbide,Stellite,Stainless Steel
    3.API NO.:106,125,150,175,200,225,250,375
    4.Meeting API Specification 11AX
    5.Made in China

    V11 Valve Ball and Seat For Sucker Rod Pumps

  • 1.Available with Tubing Pumps and Rod Pumps
    2.Mechanically Simple Design
    3.Applied for Artificial Lifting
    4.Flexible,with a Wide Scope of Operations
    5.Meeting API Specification 11AX

    Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps

  • 1.Cages Sizes:1-1/2in to 3-3/4inch
    2.Material:Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Brass
    3.API Number:C11,C12,C13,C14,C15,C16
    4.Pump Cage Types:Top Open Cage,Top Plunger Cage,Standing-valve Cage and so on
    5.Meeting API 11AX specification

    Cages For Sucker Rod Pumps

  • 1.Thin Wall and Heavy Wall Barrels
    2.Material:Stainless Steel,Chrome Plated
    3.API Number:B11,B12,B13,B14,B15,B16
    4.Pump Bore Diameter:1-1/16in to 3-3/4in
    5.Meeting API 11AX specification

    Barrels For Sucker Rod Pumps

  • 1.Barrels
    3.Traveling Valves and Standing Valves
    4.Valve Balls and Seats
    4.Meeting API 11AX Specification

    Parts of Sucker Rod Pumps

  • 1.Installed on the end of a sucker rod string as a complete unit.
    2.Can be randeeper than Tubing Pump.
    3.Special service application are available for most types.
    4.Less service cost than a tubing pump.

    Types Of Rod Pumps

  • 1.Typically produces more fluid than a rod pump.
    2.More costly to service than a rod pump.
    3.Application is in shallow to medium depth wells due to loading on rod string and pumping unit.
    4.Not a good choice in gassy wells.
    5.Meeting API 11AX Specification

    Tubing Pumps Types

  • 1.Plunger Length and Clearance are available
    2.Material:Stainless Steel,Spray Metal,Chrome Plated
    3.API Number:P21,P22,P23
    4.Pump Plunger End:Box End and Pin End
    5.Meeting API 11AX specification

    Plungers of Sucker Rod Pumps