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Introducing Bow Spring Centralizer Company In Texas To You

2017-07-05 17:13:46

ZHENGZHOU,JULY 05,2017- Bow spring centralizer is used to centralize casing in the wellbore for primary cementing, allowing the cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string. The bow centralizer can reduce the casing drag on the wellbore when casing running in the wellbore. It aslo can increase fluid turbulence at the tool, helping remove filter cake from the wellbore. Welded bow spring centralizers and non welded bow spring centralizers is available in full sizes.




If you want to buy bow spring centralizers in Texas, USA,some recommended companies to you for your reference.


1. SEBA Metals in Houston, Texas, is  the sole agent of Davis-Lynch LLC in Turkey for over 20 years, supplying casing centralizers including bow spring centralizers, float collars, stage cementing tools, cementing plugs and other downhole products.

2. C W Ford Rentals, LP in Kilgore, Texas, offering products that are used in the casing cementing process. They provide you with bow spring centralizers, solid body centralizers, float equipment, cementing plugs and so on.

3. Established in 2015, Rubicon Oilfield International is a Houston-based company in Texas, providing full ranges of bow spring centralizers like turbo fin bow centralizers, double bow spring centralizers and standard bow spring centralizers. At the same time, they also offer other kinds of casing centralizers for primary cementing.


Please contact their sales departments directly if you want to buy bow spring centralizers from these companies above. These suggesting advice will help you if you think it is very useful.



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