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Top and Bottom Rubber Cementing Plugs Used in Well Completion

2017-05-26 17:43:45

ZHENGZHOU,MAY 26,2017 - Puyang Zhongshi Group manufactures full line of downhole rubber cementing plugs to service the drilling and completion operations in the wide world. Their cement plug sizes are available from 2-3/8inch to 20inch (regular plug sizes are 5-1/2inch, 7inch, 9-5/8inch, 13-3/8inch, 18-5/8inch and 20inch). The cementing plugs made in china are made of standard material - hydrogenated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber(HNBR) with phenolic core, aluminum core or nylon core. These cementing wiper plugs have features of easy PDC drillable, higher temperature resistance, higher wear resistance.


The top and bottom rubber cementing plugs are available and then can be identified by plug appearance and plug body color. The black wiper plug is top cementing plug, the red one is bottom cementing plug. According to function of cement plugs, there are standard cementing plugs, non rotating cementing plugs and commbination cementing plugs.


How to work for cementing top plug and bottom plug


Firstly the bottom cement plug is pushed into the casing, as the bottom plug moves down the casing string, it removes the left dispersed mud from the inner diameter of the casing. The film on the cement plug is ruptured due to the pressure exerts when the bottom wiper plug are seated on the float collar, what it does is to help cement flow through casing string.


It twists the corner of the hole or toe end, located at the bottom of the horizontal well. The annular space between the casing and the formation is then filled. When the cement is filled into the casing string, the top plug is dropped and pumped behind the slurry. The function of top plug is to remove the leftover cement from the inner diameter of the casing and reach at the float collar.


Therefore top and bottom rubber cementing plugs are both used to wipe the casing ID of drilling fluid and provide the separation between mud and cement. All the cement plugs are designed to match the cementing heads.



Types of Rubber Cementing Plugs:

1. Standard cement plugs:cementing top plug and cementing bottom plugs.

2. Non rotating cementing plugs:top cement plug and bottom cement plug

3. Combination cementing plugs:standard top and bottom plugs,non rotating top and bottom plugs


Please contact our sales department and then send us email, they will give you detail cementing plugs specification and quotation. At the same time some purchasing suggestions are giiven to you.

1. Casing sizes

2. Cementing plug types:regular cement plug,non rotating plug or combination plug

3. Downhole condition:high temperature or high wear or not

4. Cementing plug quatity:accordint to quatity discount can be given



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