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Rubicon Bow Centralizers From USA

2017-12-15 11:21:48

ZHENGZHOU,December 15,2017 - RUBICON oilfield international is the famous bow centralizers manufacturer in USA, in Nov 2016 RUBICON completed the acquisition of TOP-CO which designs and manufactures full range of bow spring centralizers.


RUBICON bow centralizers are designed and manufactured to assist casing running and cementing. Starting, Running and Restoring force tests performed in Top-Co’s Test Facility as per API Specification 10D, and holding force tests as per API Recommended Practice 10D-2.


It provides you with three kinds of bow spring centralizers as follows:


One-Piece Centralizers

The CentURIONTM is Rubicon’s premier one-piece bow spring centralizer.


Zero starting force

Tight clearance capability

Exceed API specifications 10D restoring forces

Increased robustness

One piece design with weld at seam but not at bow


Welded Bow Spring Centralizers:

Slip-On Welded Bow Spring Centralizer

Hinged Welded Bow Spring Over Collar Turbolizer

Hinged Welded Double Bow Centralizer (OTC)

Slip-On Welded Rigid Bow Centralizer

Hinged Welded Double Bow Centralizer

Hinged Welded Rigid Bow Centralizer

Hinged Welded Bow Spring Turbolizer

Slip-On Welded Centralizer (Close Tolerance)

Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizers


Non-Welded Bow Centralizers:

Hinged Non-Welded Double Bow Centralizer

Non-Weld Hinged Bow Centralizer

Hinged Non-Weld Bow Turbolizer

Hinged Non-Welded Rigid Bow Centralizers



When you do not know which kinds of casing bow centralizers are suit for your primary cementing. Rubicon can provide you with programs of Fit-for-purposed engineered casing centralization according to actual downhole conditions AND drilling practices, what they do is to including installation analysis and close communication together in order to increases the chances of success.



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