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Centralizer Bow Spring with Stop Collar is Better

2017-12-22 14:50:41

ZHENGZHOU, December 22,2017- It is very important to make centralization of the casing for primary cementing operation. Centralizer bow spring type help the casing in the wellbore, allowing the cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string. The stop collar is installed to enables the centralizer to move upward or downward where at least 1-3/8 in. (34.9 mm) of clearance is available and provides optimal centralization.


The bow-spring type centralizer can provide a standoff where the borehole is enlarged. It can be run through hole restrictions in the wellbore or through smaller casing strings that are cemented in the well, thereby centering the casing below the restriction. Bows are made of high grade spring steel that undergoes special heat treatment to achieve maximum restoring force. All the kinds of bow centralizers are tested and validated to API Specification 10D for long operation life.


Bow Spring Centralizers


Centralizers bow welded and centralizers bow non welded are available. Welded centralizers are available in two styles: slip-on centralizer and hinged centralizers. But for non welded bow centralizer, hinged type only. Thought there are different construction, they both is used for centralizing casing in the wellbore, allowing even distribution of cement around the casing, reducing casing drag on the wellbore during casing running operations.


The casing bow centralizers are held in their relative position on the casing by mechanical stop collars. The stop collar should always be located within the centralizer bow type so the centralizer will be pulled - not pushed - into the hole.




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