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Solid Body Centralizer Features and Application

2017-12-26 15:51:47

ZHENGZHOU, December 26,2017- Founded in 1997, Puyang Zhongshi Group Co.,Ltd in China focuses on solid body centralizer design and manufacturing. It can provide its clients with a broad range of solid body casing centralizers to complete cementing operation. These solid body rigid centralizers are used for casing centralization from standard vertical well configurations to highly deviated and horizontal wells and provide great strength and downhole integrity.


Welded Solid Body Rigid Vane Centralizer: available straight vanes or spiral vanes; available right hand or left hand vanes; with or without set screws according to client requirement; easy installation over casing; different length rigid centralizers; constructed from mild steel.


Welded Solid Body Spiral Standoff Band: welded solid steel vanes; spiral vanes increasing efficiency of mud removal; available right hand or left hand vanes; with or without set screws according to client requirement.


Stamped Solid Body Centralizer: one piece construction with stamped vanes; easy slip-on installation; available with set screws; used in deviated and horizontal wells.


Aluminum-Alloy Spiral Casing Centralizer: made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum; available straight vanes or spiral vanes; extra length providing maximum centralization.


solid body centralizers


All the kinds of solid body centralizers are extra effective in centralizing casing and offer ample clearance for fluid passage. Although different solid body casing centralizers need matching well specifications and hole sizes. Most solid rigid centralizers can be installed on the casing with stop collars or with integral set screws. This helps eliminate the risk of collapsing the solid body centralizer assembly as it is forced through tight spots or high-drag sections of the wellbore.



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