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Introduce Some Casing Bow Centralizers To You

2017-12-06 16:18:27

ZHENGZHOU,December 06,2017 - Casing bow centralizers are designed and manufactured for centralizing casing in the wellbore during casing running and cementing. Before delivery of bow spring centralizers, this kinds of casing centralizers are need to test starting force, running force and restoring force according to API specification 10D. For our bow centralizers for casing cementing, our spring centralizer specification meets even exceed API 10D standard. Puyang Zhongshi Group as one casing centralizers manufacturer in China, can provide you with full ranges of bow centralizers like non welded and welded centralizers, hinged centralizers and slip on centralizers.


Welded Centralizers Types:

1. Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

2. Close Tolerance Slip On Casing Bow Centralizers

3. Hinged Turbolizer Bow-Spring Centralizers

4. Hinged Semi-positive Bow Centralizers

5. Single Piece centralizers

6. Drillpipe Centralizers

7. Rigid Positive Centralizers

8. Dual Contact Bow Centralizers


Non Welded Centralizers Types:

1. Hinged Bow Spring Centralizers

2. Hinged Semi-Positive Bow Centralizers



In order to select the right casing bow centralizers in the shortest time, give some suggestions to you now.

1. Casing O.D on which the equipment will be used.

2. Hole size or casing I.D in which the equipment will be placed.

3. Any restriction through which the equipment will be run.

4. If casing or tubing is externally "upset".

5. Bow spring centralizer appearance features, it is better if you send us bow centralizer pictures.



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