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Introducing Spiral Bow Centralizers From Rubicon Oilfield International

2017-04-06 15:55:57

ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 07,2017- Rubicon Oilfield International based in Houston developes new style spiral bow centralizers for highly demanding horizontal wells.The bows is designed for maximum restoring foces and minium running forces.This kinds of bow centralizers are made of high grade steel with the welded bows on the end collars.


The finished bow centralizer is smooth, helping them rotate and float onto casing with lower torque, reduced wear and a low coefficient of friction. The special centering devices also allow for optimal mud displacement during cementation, thereby minimizing pressure drop and enabling superior mud removal.


Standard slip on welded spiral bow centralizers and heavy duty slip on welded spiral bow centralizers are available.


Features of slip on welded spiral bow centralizers:

1. With spiral blades to provide swirl action to the cement slurry.

2. Easy installation by using the hinged bolted stop collars with a cross bolt locking system with ‘one go’ locking.

3.Also available in standard slip on straight bow centralizers.

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