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How the cementing plugs work in the cementing operation of oilfield

2017-04-07 14:43:35

ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 07,2017- Cementing plugs are made of rubber,which is used for separate the cement slurry from fluids. Cementing wiper plugs minimize the contamination of cement by removing dispersed mud and mud sheath from the casing inner diameter.All the cementing plugs are manufactured to meet API standard.It is widely applied in oil-based mud, water-based mud, and synthetic-based mud condition.These are available in different sizes and types of design.


Before the cement slurry is poured,the bottom cementing plug is pumped. It removes the left dispersed mud from the inner diameter of the casing.When the bottom plug seat move to top of float collar,due to the pressure,the diaphragm on the plug gets ruptured.what it does is to make cement to flow through it.


It twists the corner of the hole or toe end, located at the bottom of the horizontal well.The annular space between the casing and the formation is then filled.When the ful volume of cement has been pumped, the top cementing plug is dropped and pumped to stop the slurry. The top plug removes the leftover cement from the inner diameter of the casing and reach at the float collar.Lastly it indicates that the cement has been displayed, the cementing operation is also completed.


Top and bottom cementing plugs are different ,the appearance of top plugs is black and then the bottom plug is red,it is easy to identify and use in cementing operation in the shortest time.


Puyang Zhongshi Group is one pressional cementing plugs in China,supplies all types of cementing plugs,including standard cementing plugs and non rotating cementing plugs.


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