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Use rigid centralizer for running and cementing casing

2017-03-28 12:02:09

Rigid centralizer is a mechanical device secured around the casing at various locations. The casing is kept away from making further contact with the wall. The washing of an inclined well plays an important role both during drilling and in preparing the well, thus it is important for using rigid centralizer for running and cementing casing.


Since, the centralizers’ continuous annular clearance around the casing allows cement to completely seal around the casing to the borehole wall. It is a well defined thing to say that each centralizer types and properties vary from each other.


The casing centralizer oriented by an orienting ring is availed with an offset aperture and a pump-down ball. This ring is set in the bottom of the casing in a way where the planes of the opening and the centralizer blades coincide downwards.



In areas where hole-enlargement is required, those areas are already flowed with both drilling fluid and cement as it is predominantly on the higher side of the well. It is in between the pipe and the top wall of the well. With a continuous 360-degree annular space around casing, it allows the cement to completely seal the casing to the borehole wall.


During casing-running process, the cement may not flow completely around the pipe in these cavernous sections. But the study refers that the cavern formation features in inclined wells can give a key to further prediction of technology for their washing and casing cementation.



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