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Advantages of Conventional Bottom Cementing Plugs

2016-11-11 17:45:49

The cementing plugs are used to separate the cement slurry from the mud. It can prevent the mud from blending into the cement slurry to influece the cementing quality. Inner material of cementing plugs are aluminum alloy or Nitrile Butadiene rubber, which are easy to drill and used in high temperature.They have different color in production for easy usage in operation.


The conventional bottom cementing plugs are designed for easy drilling with tri-cone bit and PDC. Like the top cementing plug, the fins and tail section provide positive wiping action. Fins also serve as a seal while cementing. The bottom cementing plugs are launched ahead of the cement slurry to minimize contamination by fluids inside the casing prior to cementing. The cup design on bottom cementing plugs provide a sure seal against the casing wall to prevent mixing of cement slurry and displacement fluid. After the plug has completed its wiping of the casing ahead of the cement slurry and seated at touchdown, additional pump pressure will rupture the rubber diaphragm at the top of the core, allowing slurry to continue to its destination.


Conventional Bottom Cementing Plugs


Our conventional bottom cementing plug sizes are available from 4-1/2" to 20" and manufacturered according to specifical requirements like temperature resistance, operation pressure.


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