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Know About Conventional Top Cementing Plugs

2016-11-04 17:58:06

Cemenging plugs are used to remove the mud during cementing operations. Two types of cementing plugs are used in the cementing process, bottom cementing plug and top cementing plug. The top cementing plug has a solid body that provides positive indication of contact with the landing collar and bottom plug through an increase in pump pressure. The top cementing plug is designed to exert continuous pressure on the casing wall. The core is made of aluminum or phenolic depending on the application and well conditions. The tapered base fits the cavity of the bottom plug initiaing a positive seal.


Conventional Top Cementing Plugs


Conventional Top Cementing Plugs are manufactured of graded rubber that is fused upon a composite or aluminum core. This top cementing plug can be used when dual plug system is not required. These plugs are completely PDC drillable. Operating range of temperature with Aluminum core is up to 200 degree Fahrenheit. AT Puyang, cementing plugs can be ordered for higher operating temperature and operation in either synthetic or mud fluids. We offer you any special sizes.


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