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Why We Need Non Rotating Top Cementing Plugs ?

2016-11-17 17:36:31

In the past, cement plug rotation during drillout has led to hours of waste. But most operators believe floating equipment to be the source of their long drillouts, in fact, the cementing plug rotation should be blamed. This is why we need Non Rotating Top Cementing Plugs.


 Non Rotating Top Cementing Plugs


Puyang Zhongshi Group Co.,Ltd. has developed the perfect cost-saving solution: Non Rotating Top Cementing Plugs that require only a tenth of the time to drill out the shoe joint. These series of cementing plugs have reinforced locking teeth built into the plugs, which lock together between the plugs and the float equipment to eliminate rotation of the plug during drill out. These cementing plugs are made of graded rubber with aluminum or phenolic core inside, no other metal parts are used. These plugs are completely PDC drillable. The Non-Rotating Top Cementing Plugs significantly reduce the drill out time, thereby resulting in cost saving. 


Puyang Zhongshi Group Co.,Ltd can offer you high quality Non Rotating Top Cementing Plugs according to specifical requirements, please feel free to contact us!

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