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The Application Of Cementing Plugs In Recent Times

2017-05-08 13:50:25

Cementing plugs are used to remove the mud during cementing operations. The top cementing plug has a solid body with the landing collar and bottom plug through an increase in pump pressure. Two types of cementing plugs are used in the cementing process, bottom cementing plug and top cementing plug.


Cementing plug is quite efficient in the business and we assure you the best quality as one of the respectable suppliers in this industry. These are popular in the petroleum industry widely and it can contribute to long-term well integrity failures. In case where the application will cost much more, these cementing plugs will fix these problems at much lesser.


Cementing plugs we avail suit your application as we compound each of the product into exacting standards. They are designed to provide positive wiping action and supplied with molded phenolic cores. These mechanical devices create a pressure increase which activates a sliding sleeve. It allows the disconnect to take place. The tailpipe in the device can be made of drillable composite material and can be drilled out along with the cement plug if continuing operations are required.


Combination Cementing Plug


After being released by a dart, the drill pipe is free to be removed from the well. This leaves the tailpipe and a formidable cement plug behind. The placement of the plug aids the run in hole on drill pipe or tubing with sacrificial tail pipe below.


The tool includes a pump-off feature that enables hydraulic disconnect with the sacrificial tailpipe by applying pressure rather than overpull from surface. It helps in eliminating the risk and anxiety of the sacrificial tailpipe entirely during release operations. We are well known in producing innovative technology for cementing casing equipment. Cementing plugs can be ordered from our website with complete assurance.


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