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Davis Lynch Non-Welded Semi Rigid Centralizers Help Center The Casing In The Wellbore

2017-04-28 08:53:06

ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 28,2017- Davis Lynch designes and maufactures full lines of non welded semi rigid centralizers, the kinds of davis centralizers have uniquely high performance bows that simultaneously provide the operator with those features found desirable in both spring bow and rigid centralizers. All the common semi rigid centralizers have been tested and then meet or even far exceed API Specification 10D.


semi rigid centralizers


Davis ‘s bows of semi rigid centralizers are made of high grade alloy steel which is heat treated and tempered. Bows adjoin to the end collars by Davis patented interlock design which mades one strong reliable semi rigid centralizer. The design of the semi rigid centralizer’s bows produces centralizers that have starting forces far below API maximums along with very low drag forces.


The spring characteristic of the bows allows the semi rigid centralizer to compress in order to get through tight spots and severe doglegs that may be present down-hole. While the manufacture of the bows produces characteristics normally associated with standard spring bow centralizers, the double-crested profile of the semi rigid centralizer bow provides restoring forces that far exceed those standards set forth in API Specification 10D and which are normally associated with rigid centralizers.


The semi rigid centralizer is widely applied in horizontal and highly deviated wells.It can be fixed the casing centralizer in place by separated stop collars, Davis lynch can provide buit-in stop collars according to customer’s requirement.


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