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Bow centralizers make working process far easier

2018-08-01 11:48:39

Different types of devices and machinery are required to make working process far easier. Using bow centralizer or bow spring centralizers is one of them that are taken into utilization for casing the center of wellbore or for the duration of cement job. Available in metal strip shaped like a hunting bow and attached to a tool or to the outside of casing, this tool is the basic need of quality cementing. They are specifically designed for primary cementing that are applied in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells where low starting force as high restoring force is used for keeping casing in the center of wellbore.


Bow centralizers are coated by powder baking or sometimes paint baking in the high temperature to ensure them to keep dustproof function. Use of this type of tool is vital in cementing as lack of proper centralization can lead to severe cementing problems that include lack of zonal isolation and improper casing support. This kind of centralizer distributes cement equally around the casing string. There is a lot more associated with this kind of centralizers that are making the job far easier and hassle-free.


Depending on your requirement and type of job, you can choose the best quality centralizers like hinged bow centralizers, slip on bow spring centralizers, single piece centralizers and different others. they are available a variety of sizes and with different measurements ranging from 4-1/2 to 20 inch with the certification of API 10D standard along with professional restoring force test machine. 


Bow Spring Centralizers


With 10 years of experience in the industry of oil equipments, we are seen as a tough competitor in the market. Being a popular name amongst the clients, we are a responsible company with various kinds of oil equipments. Therefore, we offer a wide range of petroleum machinery products and mainly casing accessories like bow centralizer, casing centralizer, solid rigid centralizer, cementing plug, float equipment, etc.


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