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Bow centralizers help in uniform distribution of cement

2018-07-12 16:22:54

In oil and gas industry as well as similar other domains, centralizer is the most vital device required to keep the casing in the center of wellbore for the duration of cement operations to ensure that cement sheath will be placed in an accurate and efficient way. Bow centralizer is a metal strip shaped designed like a hunting bow and attached to a tool or the outside of casing. These special centralizers are unique in their way as they used to keep casing in the center of a wellbore or casing before or during a cement job.


Bow centralizers come with a number of specifications that help in uniform distribution of cement in the area around the casing. Such models also ensure no chances of casing drag on the wellbore at the time of running and reciprocation operation of the casing. Such kind of centralizers also helps in removal of filter cake in the wellbore by increasing the turbulence in the fluid.


Bow Spring Centralizers


The bow centralizer features top quality steel bows that are attached to integrated collars with tabs. The special hinged design enables the collars to be attached to the casing over a stop collar. Basically, the centralizer should be affixed over a stop collar in order to make sure that the tool is pulled in and out easily from the wellbore. The exceptional design provides reliable performance in cased or open-hole applications. The bow centralizer provides better standoff to achieve effective displacement of mud and other elements.


The hardness of the bow centralizer is measured to ensure the performance of centralizer exceeds the highest level of standard. The excellent capacity of the centralizer to balance the starting forces with the restoring forces makes it one of the ideal products for modern drilling conditions. The bows flexing is the most significant factor for these centralizers and the bows endure a special state of flexing to ensure that they do not fail under extreme stress or pressure.


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