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Find the best Float Collars and cementing solutions at PYZS

2020-12-04 20:49:19

The float collar is a component that is installed at the bottom of the casing string, over which the cement plugs land during the primary cementing operation. It typically features a short length casing along with a check valve. This check valve assembly prevents backflow of cement when pumping stops. This collar device can either be of a flapper valve type or a spring-loaded ball valve or any other type. If the float collar is not placed, the cement slurry that is placed in the casing string could reverse to the string resulting in displacement.

Types and role of float collars:

The primary role of the float collar is to prevent mud from entering into the casing while it is running in the hole. The device thus makes the casing to float on the hydrocarbons at the bottom of the casing string. There are generally two types of float collars namely, the flapper valve type and the spring-loaded ball valve type.

The float collar helps in reducing the weight of the valve and it prevents any backflow of cement during the cementing operations. As the float collar features a check valve, it allows the circulation and flow of fluid in only one direction. It allows only the downward movement through the casing and not the upward direction.

Finding the best float collars:

You can find the best float collars at Puyang Zhongshi Group Co. Ltd. This company has more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of float collars and other casing cementing products. They are pioneers in the designs and manufacturing of casing equipment like the solid rigid centralizer, bow spring centralizer, cementing plug, floating equipment, etc. Their casing cementing solutions are the best in the industry, and they have more than ten years’ experience in manufacturing these supplies.

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