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Let US Tell You Rubber Cement Plugs Manufacturers in USA

2017-08-22 17:58:11

ZHENGZHOU, AUGUST 22,2017- As we know there are two industrial rubber cement plugs manufacturers in USA, Maloney Technical Products and Industrial Rubber,Inc (IRI). Industrial Rubber, Inc., provides the oilfield manufacturing business for over 50years, you can find out 4 types of cementing plugs like aluminum cement plugs, latch down plug and baffles, top and bottom rubber cement plugs and wooden cement plugs from them. Maloney cementing plugs are used for wiping to ensure clean casing, including high temperature cementing plugs and standard rubber body cementing plugs.


Industrial Rubber Cementing Plugs Features:
1. Availalbe with top rubber cement plug and bottom rubber cement plug.
2. Top rubber plug is black only,but bottom rubber plugs are both black and red.
3. Rubber plug sizes are from 2-3/8inch to 13-3/8inch.
4. Used to prevent mixing of cement slurry and displacement fluid.
5. Top rubber plug: core of epoxy coated sand compressed into a solid mass.
6. Bottom rubber plug :core of cast aluminum that is PDC drillable.


Maloney Cementing Plugs Features:
1. Availalbe with top cement top plug and cement bottom plug.
2. High temperature oil well cementing plugs: withstanding downhole temperatures of 375° F(188° C)
3. Standard rubber cementing plugs: glass-filled high strength phenolic resin core.
4. Rubber cementing plug sizes are from 2-3/8inch to 13-3/8inch.




Please contact them directly if you want to buy these kinds of cement plugs from two rubber plug manufacturers in USA.

Industrial Rubber, Inc., address :11801 South Meridian Oklahoma City, OK 73173

Maloney Technical Products address: 1300 East Berry Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76119 USA


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