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You Are Looking For Top and Bottom Rubber Cementing Plugs

2017-08-16 11:30:51

ZHENGZHOU, AUGUST 16, 2017- Rubber cementing plugs are used for wiping drilling fluids of casing ID by five wiping surfaces. The top rubber plug and bottom rubber plug are available and are of the same basic design. All the cement plugs are designed to match the cementing heads and float equipment.


Puyang Zhongshi Group desinges and manufactures full lines of standard cementing wiper plugs and non rotating casing cementing plugs, these two kinds of cement plugs include top plugs and bottom plugs. In order to meet the increasingly conditions of deeper and higher pressure drilling, different material rubber cementing plugs are designed.


cementing rubber plug


Some same features of casing cement plugs as follows:

1. Used for all kinds of float equipment and cement heads

2. Easy drill-out with PDC and insert bits.

3. Available with standard cementing plugs and non rotating cementing plugs.

4. Available with top rubber cement plugs and bottom rubber cement plugs.

5. Plug sizes from 4-1/2inch to 20inch.


The Top Rubber plug has a core of epoxy coated sand compressed into a solid mass, which allows the plug to withstand shock when pumped to touchdown, while also retaining its ability to be drilled out. The core is completely encased in rubber and has a solid base to prevent separation.


The Bottom Rubber Plug has a core of cast aluminum that is PDC drillable. After the plug has completed its wiping of the casing ahead of the cement slurry and seated at touchdown, additional pump pressure will rupture the rubber diaphragm at the top of the core, allowing slurry to continue to its destination.



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