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What Are The Types Of Bow Centralizer

2016-12-21 18:46:44

Bow-spring centralizer is a mechanical device secured around the casing at various locations to keep the casing from contacting the wellbore walls. It helps center the casing in the wellbore during cementing operations by allowing the cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string. Because of Bow Centralizer, continuous annular clearance completely seals the casing to the borehole wall. Bow-spring centralizers are available in two types namely welded and non-welded.


Welded Bow-Spring Centralizer: this is availed in two styles which are slip-on and hinged. Welded centralizer is designed for small-clearance casing-to-hole size applications. Slip-on centralizers are manufactured with solid end rings, requiring the centralizer to be slipped on the casing OD during installation. Hinged centralizers are manufactured in segments, allowing the centralizer to be installed easily around the casing OD. The dual-contact centralizer should only be installed between a collar and stop ring and not over a casing collar.


Non-Welded Bow-Spring Centralizer: the bow springs of this centralizer are attached to the end rings without welding. It is available in the hinged style only. The bow end of this centralizer is connected to the end rings with a locking tab that bears the load force on the centralizer. All non-welded centralizers meet or exceed the requirements of API Specification 10D for various casing or hole size combination's. The turbo-fins divert the fluid flow to more evenly distribute cement around the casing.


All welded and non-welded bow spring centralizers are available in the most common hole/casing sizes. Bow Centralizer that we offer are fabricated with high quality alloy steel and advanced manufacturing processes. These centralizer helps in reducing casing drag on the wellbore during casing running operations. To provide optimum flexibility and reliability, these centralizers are tested in accordance with API 10D specification requirements, ensure structural integrity and find no fatigue failures.


Bow Centralizer


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