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Weatherford Designes and Manufactures Top Quality Bow Spring Centralizers For Primary Cementing Operations

2017-04-21 15:50:16

ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 21,2017 - For more than 50years, Weatherford continues to provide top quality bow spring centralizers for primary cementing operations,these bow centralizers is to meet drilling conditions of higher angles, pressures,and temperatures. Bases on rich global experience from weatherford, they design and manufacture high-quality bow spring centralizers products with proven performance, these bow centralizers products meet API Specification 10D and then even exceed API standard.


Weatherford testes their bow spring centralizers according to the American Petroleum Institute’s API Specification 10D to verify that casing bow centralizers can withstand the high forces encountered when running casing and can provide the restorative forces needed for casing centralization.


 Bow Spring Centralizers


In order to meet different requirement of cementing ,weatherford provides different kinds of bow spring centralizers with their customers.There are three kinds of bow spring centralizers available in weatherford company,they are welded bow spring centralizers,nonwelded bow spring centralizers, variForm bow centralizers.For more detial,please learn centralizers types as follows.


Welded Bow Centralizers
Welded Bow-Spring Centralizers
Bow-Spring Centralizer Sub Model
Rotating Centralizers
Short-Spiral Turbolizer Centralizer
Close-Tolerance Centralizer
Spiral Tubing Centralizer
Gravel-Pack Centralizer
Drillpipe Centralizer
Logging Centralizer


Nonwelded Bow Centralizers
Nonweld Bow-Spring Centralizer
Tandem Rise® Bow Centralizer
Positive Bow Centralizer


Variform® Centralizers 
VariForm Centralizer
VariForm UR Centralizer
VariForm Centralizer Sub


If you want to learn more about weatherford bow spring centralizers,please contact an authorized Weatherford representative.  


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