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API10D Specification For Bow Spring Casing Centralizers

2017-11-15 15:20:01

ZHENGZHOU,November 15,2017 - Puyang Zhongshi Group Co.,Ltd as API 10D certified bow spring casing centralizers manufacturer in China. The API certificate number is 10D-0030, whose scope of this licence includes casing centralizers. As we know the API Specification 10D is mainly applied in bow spring centralizers, sizes from 3-1/2 to 20inch(regular sizes are 5-1/2inch, 7inch, 9-5/8inch, 13-3/8inch and so on). Today welded bow centralizers and one piece slip on bow spring centralizers are introduced to you as two examples of API 10D specification.


The welded bow-spring centralizer is applied to centralizing casing in the wellbore during cementing operation. This kinds of bow casing centralizers can provide excellent downhole durability and performance. The bows of centralizer are made of heat-treated high grade spring steel, these bows are welded to unique, rigid end collars.


General welded bow casing centralizers types as follows:

Standard bow centralizers

Hinged welded bow spring centralizers

Hinged rigid bow-spring centralizers

Bow centralizers positive centralizers


The next bow centralizer is one piece slip on centralizer which is single piece construction, this design of casing centralizer enables centralizers to withstand extreme loads—from installation in the pipe yard to running downhole.


Slip on bow spring centralizer features:

1. Exceed API Specification 10D

2. Starting forces at or near 0 lbf

3. Suitable for vertical and horizontal holes

4. Eliminates possibility of bows breaking at the welds

5. Made of spring seamless pipe or steel plate



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