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Similarities and dissimilarities of welded and non-welded bow spring centralizer

2017-07-18 15:50:24

Centralizer is a mechanical device that keeps casing from joining the wellbore wall. Bow centralizer is one of the types of centralizers which is an older and a common version of low-cost bow spring centralizer design. There are two types of bow centralizer which are welded bow spring centralizer and non-welded bow spring centralizer, you can find similarities and dissimilarities both in these centralizers. Similar features that both of these centralizers are:

1. Prevents differential sticking of the casing

2. Helps to reduce casing drag on the wellbore during casing running operations

3. Increases fluid turbulence at the tool, helping remove filter cake from the wellbore

4. Helps center the casing in the wellbore, allowing even distribution of cement around the casing

5. Both can run through hole restrictions in the wellbore or through smaller casing strings that are cemented in the well


Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizer


Some of the dissimilarities between these centralizers are:

1. Welded bow spring centralizers are available in two styles: slip-on and hinged but non-welded bow spring centralizers are available in the hinged style only.

2. All welded bow spring centralizers are manufactured to API specification 10D. All non-welded centralizers meet or exceed the requirements of APIspecification 10D, which dictates the minimum restoring and maximum starting forces for centralizers for various casing/hole size combinations.


Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Casing Centralizer


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