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Cementing plugs prevent water penetration into the well

2018-04-09 16:49:32

A high-powered drill equipped with a centralizer was developed to remove the distal cementing plug safely. Using the drill equipped with a centralizer or Cementing Plugs, this needs to be removed well enough to insert a new component without causing perforation during the operation. For the vertical surface and intermediate sections these would be fixed pieces of pipe joined together.


Cementing Plug is used in various applications as it primarily protects and seals the wellbore. Used to seal areas where there is a reduction of flow within a well, it can extend to plugging a well for abandonment. It works great when it comes to prevent water penetration into the well and immobilising the casing. The process consists of plugging the target section, flooding the casing with the appropriate fluid at the appropriate pressure, and then exploding the charges. Underbalanced pressure indicates that it is slightly less than the surrounding formation, which is advantageous in the process as it immediately starts removing debris from the area around the perf.


Non Rotating Top Cementing Plug


The Cementing Plugs available in the market offer several rubber compounds to suit your application. The suppliers of each rubber are compounded to the exact standard and therefore, these are designed to provide positive wiping action. Cement is pumped down the casing pipe, using a bottom plug, cement slurry, a top plug and drill mud. Specially designed oil well cement is required for oil and gas well construction since it is subject to high temperatures and pressures.


Casing is a large steel pipe which lines the hole and supports the walls of the well. After the casing is run into the well, a cementing head is hooked to the top of the wellhead to receive the slurries from the pumps. Cementing Plugs are supplied with molded phenolic cores as standard, but machined aluminum cores are available as an option, consult the factory for pricing and delivery.



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