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Bow Spring Centralizer Catalog From Puyang Zhongshi Group

2017-04-14 11:44:40

ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 14,2017- Puyang Zhongshi Group provides you with full line of bow spring centralizers including non welded centralizers and welded centralizers. Welcome you get our bow spring centralizer catalog if you want to learn about our company and products.


Bow Spring centralizer is used for centralizing casing in the wellbore during cementing operation, allowing the cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string. The bow centralizers play an important role in primary cementing, the cementing quality depends on the performance of bow spring centralizers and and the spacing between the centralizers installed on the casing OD.


Bow spring centralizers are available with welded centralizers and non welded centralizers, they are have different features and advantages as follows.


Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

1. Available in two styles:slip on and hinged.
2. Manufactured to meet API Specification 10D.
3. Made of high grade  heat treatment spring steel. 


Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

1. Available in hinged style only.
2 .Attached to the end rings without welding.
3. Minimum restoring and maximum starting forces.



Bow spring centralizer is available with sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch,any specifical sizes is required.Welcome you to contact us our sales department if you want to get latest bow spring centralizer catalog and quotation.

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