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Bow Centralizer for keeping casing in the center

2018-11-23 11:56:29

Bow centralizer, a metal strip shaped like a hunting bow and attached to a tool or the outside of casing, is used highly in keeping casing in the center of a wellbore or casing. It is also used largely for the duration of cement job that comes with a gamut of added benefits. Not to mention the important of bow centralizers for horizontal wells – having to fulfilling your requirements for high restoring capability and a low moving force along with allowing you pipe rotation and reciprocation. You will also get conventional bow-type centralizers that have been used successfully in some horizontal wells. However, with the increasing of section length, it is important to use low-moving force and bow-type centralizers along with rigid centralizers.


Bow centralizer has become the most vital need of oil & gas industry, petroleum and cementing. Selection and spacing of the right and appropriate centralizer is important that is capable enough to improve the cementation of high angle and horizontal wells. There is no denying the fact that mud removal is the vital point to obtain high quality and precise cement job. If you have focused on successful and effective centralization, it is the way to help in mud removal and ensure an even cement coat around the casing. It is used in different procedures like pipe reciprocation and rotation along with improve and boost the mud displacement process in a successful and effective way.


Bow centralizer


In the oil & gas domain as well as petroleum industry where deep walls are made to dig the crude oil out, proper safety and security is important. Such centralizers play a pivotal role in enhancing the security measures and standards of safety to a great level. Don’t forget to keep some of the essential points in mind for the duration of choosing the right type of bow centralizers. Some of the essential points include, but not limited to:

* Choosing the high quality centralizer solutions with low moving forces

* Calculate the lateral load at each centralizer location and determine the sag amid them

* Get practical centralizer spacing and calculate the lateral load at each centralizer location

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