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Bow Centralizer & Its Variations

2018-03-14 16:15:09

Centralizers are used to keep the casing from contacting the borehole, it is a mechanical device that keeps casing from joining the wellbore wall. It provides a good standoff clearance around the casing to aid running and cementing operations. Casing centralizers are available in many shapes and sizes.


Bow Casing Centralizer is one of the popular types of centralizers, it is a traditional and common version of low-cost bow-spring centralizer design which is widely available in the market. Two types of Bow Centralizers available are Welded Bow-Spring Centralizer and Non-welded Bow-Spring Centralizer, you can find similarities and dissimilarities both in these centralizers. Welded bow-spring centralizers are available in two styles: slip-on and hinged but non-welded bow-spring centralizers are available in the hinged style only.

ow Spring Centralizers
Bow Springs Centralizer

Main Features Of Centralizers:

· Prevents differential sticking of the casing

· Center the casing in the wellbore, it allows even distribution of cement around the casing

· Increases fluid turbulence at the tool, helping remove filter cake from the wellbore

· Helps to reduce casing drag on the wellbore during casing running operations

· Centralizers can run through hole restrictions in the wellbore or thorough smaller casing strings that are cemented in the well


Bow Spring Centralizers:


The spring steel bows are welded to rigid end collars that supply support to the bows. This design is common in casing running operations offering a good balance between wellbore performance and cost. They are available in both slip on and hinged configurations to aid installation. We have a loyal base of customers who believes in our machines and thus, we always strive to raise the standard as per our company’s growth.


Bow spring centralizers have favorable restoring forces, provide good borehole standoff. It comes in a variety of shapes and lengths for most well requirements. In any wellbore, it is critical to choose the right type of Bow Centralizer and to place those centralizers at optimum position on the casing to achieve good and consistent standoff.



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