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Quotes Of Centralizers & Cementing Heads From Myanmar

2019-08-16 18:05:09

Recently, we got some quotes from Myanmar, Nigeria, Colombia, Qatar, Iraq, United States clients. They are looking for cementing head, bow spring centralizers, sucker rod pump. What oil equipments are you looking for?


1. Country: Nigeria

Quote: Kindly avail me the cost of bow spring centralizers. i will be needing about 2000 pieces.


2. Country: Colombia

Quote: Technical chart of centralizer one pice bow spring 9 5/8"


3. Country: Qatar

Quote: Hi Sir, I am very interested on your centralizers, let us discuss if we can do cooperation in Qatar


4. Country: Myanmar

Quote: Would like to know the FOB price of 5 1/2", 9 5/8" & 13 3/8" Extra high pressure cementing head.


5. Country: Iraq

Quote: Pls i am looking forward to get a suitable sucker rod pump to artificially lift oil for my field, so my wells conditions are: depth avg. is 5000 ft, W.C. is about 70%, wells flowrate is about 3000 BOPD, GOR is greater than 1000


6. Country: Nigeria

Quote: We would require a detail cost offer for a Sucker Rod Pump system and a Demo plus detail specification. 1) Tubing: 3 1/2" Single Completion. 2) Grade: API 36. 3) Depth: 4000ft. Shallow well- onshore.


7. Country: United States

Quote: Looking for prices on 9 5/8 J-55 LTC couplings. Thank You




With 10 years of experience in the industry of oil equipments, we are seen as a tough competitor in the market. Being a popular name amongst the clients, we are a responsible company with various kinds of oil equipments. Therefore, we offer a wide range of petroleum machinery products and mainly casing accessories like bow centralizer, casing centralizer, solid rigid centralizer, cementing plug, float equipment, etc. Please feel free to contact us!

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