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Price Quotes On Casing Centralizers And Cementing Heads

2017-03-08 10:40:36

As following are February price quotes on casing centralizers and cementing heads at Puyang Zhongshi Group. They are looking for casing centralizer, cementing head, circulating swage, stand off band.


1. Country: Kazakhstan

I would like to buy equipment for producing casing centralizers in oil industry. Do you have this equipment? How much does it cost?


2. Country: KUWAIT



3. Need to know a price on centralizer with built in roller for 114 mm casing would like to order 1000, need a price we are drilling 4000m wells 3 rigs 3 wells a month per rig.


4. Country: USA

I need a price quote on two single plug manifold style cement heads with the following:

9 5/8---8rd and buttress thread and both circulating swages with the manifold

13 3/8 ---8rd and buttress thread and both circulating swages with the manifold

Also need to find out how long it would take to be here? Call with any questions or concerns.


5. Please send me your quote delivered to Alberta Canada. 114.3mm. poly spiral stand off bands steel stand off bands. Lets just start with this for now and if we can make a deal there is lots more to come. Thanks

Solid Rigid and Bow Spring Centralizers

With 10 years of experience in the industry of oil equipments, we are seen as a tough competitor in the market. Being a popular name amongst the clients, we are a responsible company with various kinds of oil equipments. Therefore, we offer a wide range of petroleum machinery products and mainly casing accessories like bow spring centralizer, casing centralizer, solid rigid centralizer, cementing plug, float equipment, etc.


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