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New Type One Piece Bow Centralizer Made Of Steel Pipe

2017-06-29 15:29:31

ZHENGZHOU,JUNE 29,2017- This year Puyang Zhongshi Group sucessfully designes and manufactures one piece bow centralizer made of 65Mn steel pipe, recently a lot of bow spring centralizer customers have received them and then they are used in primary cementing. According to feedback from customers in USA, Russia and South America, the restoring force of single piece centralizer is higher than the older type centralizer which is made of 65Mn steel plate, even exceeding API Specification 10D.


The one piece bow centralizer is manufactured from 65Mn steel pipe, so you do not see no welded at all on the body of one piece centralizer. It will increase robustness and restoring force. Puyang Zhongshi Group has advanced laser cutter manchine to lower manufacturing time and then increase the bow centralizer monthly output. In the following video you see our laser cutting steel pipe process.



After Cutting process our engineers need stamp the bows by puncher in the shorest time. In the following video you will see how to stamp the bow by puncher easily. During primary cementing, the 4-1/2inch, 5-1/2inch, 7inch,9-5/8inch one piece bow centralizers are used widely, so steel pipe manufacturers supply professional 65Mn steel pipes to us.



Puyang Zhongshi Group currently offers two kinds of designs to meet and exceed requirements for today’s most challenging well construction designs, one is steel plate type one piece centralizer, other is steel pipe type. All the types and sizes have been tested and validated to exceed API Specification 10D. It is suitable for vertical and horizontal holes.In the video you will see how to test the restoring force of bows.

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