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Solid Rigid Centralizers

Solid rigid centralizers are one series of casing centralizers as integral part of cementing process, centers the casing in the wellbore and make the cement flow around in the casing. We provide several kinds of solid rigid centralizers for matching different casing size and wellbore size. The solid rigid centralizers eusure positive centtering in deviated or horizontal holes. The solid centralizers are have steel or aluminum body construction, with high tensile and yield strength, shock, impact and corrosion resistant. Spiral or straight blade centralizers, roller centralizers are available.


Rigid Centralizer provides mechanism that centers the casing in the hole and allows uniform cement flow around the casing to help protect it at all points. Efficient in the cementing process, we provide this machine in various specifications and hole sizes, including turbulence generating designs. It helps to clean the annulus and distribute the cement more evenly and uniformly.


Being able to prove our strength in various industries, Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd has earned its name by continuing to deliver quality products to their clients. All the models of Rigid Centralizer offer ample clearance for fluid passage and are extra effective in centering the casing. This is great in highly deviated holes as well and also improves cement flow by reducing the effects of channeling. All the design of Rigid Centralizer is provided to keep an optimum flow and its fins or blades overlap the entire 360-degree open hole circumference.