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Bow Spring Centralizers

  • 1.Welded centralizer using laser cutting
    2.Fixed on casing with special retaining screws
    3.Made of high quality sheet steel
    4.Consisting of two shells and six bow springs

    Bow Spring Welded Centralizer Type PC

  • 1.Shuttle bow spring
    2.Higher restoring force than API standard
    3.Integrate steel plate to process
    4. Paint baking
    5.Any size available

    Slip on Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer

  • 1.Bow spring makes for a strong reliable centralizer.
    2.Interlocking design between the end collar
    3.Made of alloy steel with uniform hardness
    4.Suited for vertical and deviated applications.
    5.Single bow or double bow available

    Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Casing Centralizer

  • 1.Meeting API 10D specification
    2.Nearly 100% stand off
    3.Engineered for use in deviated and horizontal applications and cased hole and
    liner overlap.
    4.U-profile design
    5.Rib design allows for optimized fluid flow in the annulus.

    Hinged Non Welded Positive Casing Centralizer

  • 1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
    2.Withstand high lateral
    3.High restoring force
    4.Iron Phosphate coating process
    5.API 10D standard

    Hinged Non Welded Semi Rigid Bow Spring Centralizer

  • 1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
    2.Used for anti-corrosion
    3.Applying in water well
    4.High restoring force
    5.Lower shipping and storage costs

    Hinged Non Welded Stainless Steel Bow Spring Centralizer

  • 1.Meeting API 10D Specification
    2.Provides uniform annular clearance and is suited for vertical and slightly deviated applications
    3.Minimizes differential sticking
    4.Can be rotated or reciprocated with the casing
    5.Sizes range from 4-1/2" to 20"

    Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizer

  • 1.Same design with standard bow spring centralizer characteriscs
    2.Turbolator fins force the fl uid fl ow in a turbulent and outward directed spiral
    3.Available with hinged non welded and slip on welded turbolizer for casing pipe
    4.Break up of cement and reduction on in channeling.
    5.Self-cleaning action on preventing blockages or plugging

    Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Turbolizer Centralizer

  • 1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
    2.Flat bottom U profile
    3.Nearly 100% stand off
    4.API 10D standard
    5.Slipped on the casing pipe

    Slip On Welded Positive Casing Centralizer

  • 1.Notched collar design allows for a smaller minimum compressed OD of the bows
    required in close tolerance applications
    2.Slip-on design removes hinge as another way to reduce minimum OD
    3.Recommended with integral set screws on the collar

    Slip On Welded Bow Spring Centralizer

  • 1.Designed for use in deviated applications
    2.Where low running forces and higher restoring forces are vital to casing running operations.
    3.Directly installed onto the pipe
    4.Over the coupling option also available
    5.API 10D standard

    Slip On Semi-Rigid Welded Bow Spring Centralizer

  • 1.Specifically designed deflector blades
    2.Available with slip on and hinged types
    3.Deflect fluid flow in a turbulent spiral
    4.Helping break-up drilling mud when running casing
    5.Improving mud removal during circulation

    Slip On Welded Bow Spring Casing Turbolizer Centralizer

  • 1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
    2.Hinged type collar
    3.Welded type bow
    4.Apply in stab in type cement jobs
    5.High restoring force

    Drill Pipe Centralizer