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Semi-rigid centralizer provides stable cementing effect

2016-07-22 16:37:19

Centralizer is often used as cementing tool in oil field drilling technology. Centralizer can guarantee the stability of the drilling cementing quality. There are several centralizers like roller centralizer, rigid centralizer, slip on centralizer, cage rigid centralizer, etc. Different structures and materials centralizer are used for different types of eccentric wear wells.


The key problem when using centralizer is the location, distance, quantity. Due to unstable installation, centralizers are easy to wear off which affect the drilling cementing quality. In order to overcome the problem, semi-rigid centralizer is developed. It changed the structure of the centralizer so that centralizer will not easily wear off. The semi-rigid centralizer, includes a body, the body surface is inclined with a number of semi-cylindrical hollow steel plate, between the body and the axis with an angle of 30 to 60 degrees. When casing centralizer is stable, the cementing effect will improve.


Semi-rigid centralizer

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