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PYZS offers you high quality rigid casing centralizers

2016-08-19 16:39:13

Rigid casing centralizers can be installed on the casing with stop collars or with integral set screws. Installations that allow casing rotation and reciprocation are preferred because of improved displacement efficiency. It can maintain integrity when centralizing casing in extreme wellbore conditions.


Almost 18 years experience of designing, manufacturing and continual improvement of rigid casing centralizers for casing cementing, PYZS offers you high quality rigid casing centralizers, which are designed and manufactured as per API specification. Rigid casing centralizers are with high supporting force and low starting force, thus enabling the casing smoothly down and at the same time stay at a high level.


rigid centralizer inspection


As for high qulaity rigid casing centralizer, it must pass insptection by car. It should withstands high-impact loading and highly wear resistant so that it can performs reliably even in extreme wellbore conditions. Before we ship these rigid casing centralizers to our customers, we will test them for several times to achieve required standard so that to ensure good casing cement!


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