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Features of Bow Spring Casing Centralizer

2016-08-30 15:24:53

Bow spring casing centralizer is made of spring steel which has been heat treated and hardened tempered to ensure proper and consistent spring characteristics. Bow spring makes for a strong reliable casing centralizer. They are suited for vertical and deviated applications.


Interlocking design between the end collar will minimize the collar stretch that tends to occur when centralizers encounter tapers, commonly found in certain type of pipe connections. A reinforcing rib stamped into the end collar will strengthen and preserve its round configuration during transport.


The installation of bow spring casing centralizer is very convenient. It requires only the placement of the two assembled halves on the pipe and inserting the pin in the end collar hinge. The bow spring casing centralizer unassembled makes a compact package, reducing the shipping cost.


Bow Spring Casing Centralizer


Puyang Zhongshi can offer several different spring bow heights that are available to accommodate most of casing-to-hole configuration. You are welcome to contact us for more details.

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