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Cementing plugs - required for mud removal during cementing operations

2019-07-19 16:12:44

High grade cementing plugs are used largely in different industry verticals – mainly in oil & gas industry and others – mainly for the duration of cementing operations to remove mud. They are divided into different categories for use in cementing process, bottom cementing plug and top cementing plug. They come with solid body to provide indication of contact with the landing collars and bottom plug through boost in pump pressure.


For the duration of cementing operations, mud is common thing to turn into mound those results in extra hassle. Getting some advanced tools or anything else that can be helpful in mud removal is one of the important decisions to make. Cementing plugs are one of the most vital things required for mud removal during cementing operations. They come as solid body and used largely to provide you positive indication of contact with the landing collar or bottom plug through an increase in pump pressure.


In other words, top part of cementing plugs is made of solid body to provide positive indication with the landing collar to help bottom plug through an increase in pump pressure. Bottom plug is also useful – launched ahead of the cement slurry to minimize contamination – by fluids in the casing.


Cementing Plugs


Using such plugs is beneficial in a number of ways that prevent poor cementing job – that may result in poor quality work. They are ideal to use for contributing to long-term well integrity failures. Some other causes that will persuade you to choose the best range of cementing plugs include:

* Defective drilling mud removal during the cement slurry displacement in the annulus

* Insufficient cement height causes leakage and corrosion problems

* Cementing plugs permits the slurry to flow through it and up the outside of the casing string


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