Bow Spring Centralizers

Slip On Welded Positive Casing Centralizer

1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20"
2.Flat bottom U profile
3.Nearly 100% stand off
4.API standard
5.Slipped on the casing pipe

  • Slip On Welded Positive Casing Centralizer
■ Product's advantage

>>Slip on welded Positive Centralizers are available in the size range 4-1/2" to 20".
>>These centralizers are uniquely designed with flat bottom U profile of different depths permitting maximum fluid passage.
>>The centralizers have bow springs strongly welded to single piece end collars under required temperature conditions with correct grade electrode.
>>Available with straight bows for casing operations.
>>This device provides nearly 100% stand-off (Concentricity) when run inside a case hole.
>>Installation of Slip on Welded Positive Centralizers on the casing pipe is very convenient.
>>It can be slipped on the casing pipe from one end at the time of installation.



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