Bow Spring Centralizers

Bow Springs Centralizer-PC Type

1.Welded centralizer using laser cutting
2.Fixed on casing with special retaining screws
3.Made of high quality sheet steel
4.Consisting of two shells and six bow springs

  • Bow Spring Welded Centralizer Type PC
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■ Product's advantage

>>Type PC bow spring centralizer consists of two shells and six bow springs with a special profile and section.

>>This kinds of bow spring centralizer is made of high quality sheet steel using laser cutting.

>>The bow spring centralizer type PC is fixed on casing string with special retaining screws.

>>Bow spring welded centralizer type PC is used for centralizing of casing strings during cementing.

>>Bow spring centralizer welded type is provided with just two welds with minimum load at the sheel.

>>Centering planks of the bow centralizer have no welds and are made of solid steel sheet.

>>Uses of centralizers allows to achieve uniform clearance between casing pipe and wall well.

>>Centering of a casing string is provided with preset bow springs of a type PC centralizer.

>>They are available in 4 1/2" to 20" sizes.Any special sizes or combination can available on request.

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