Float Equipments

Slip On Cementing Float Collar & Shoe

1.Sizes ranging from 5-1/2" to 20"
2.API or Premium Thread
3.PDC drillable
4.Only Beveled upper end
5.Directly welding to the casing pipe

  • Slip On Cementing Float Collar&Shoe
■ Product's advantage

>>Cement/Poppet-type Float equipment offers dependable performance for all classes oil and gas wells.
>>The valves prevent cement backflow, provide casing buoyancy during run in.
>>Act as internal BOPs during the process of running and cementing the casing.
>>Float equipment is manufactured to match customer casing specification.
>>All poppet type cement 
float collars are PDC drillable.
>>Slip-ON Casing Collar O.D. matches with the casing O.D. and upper end is only beveled,
not recessed for directly welding to the Casing pipe

Non Rotating Float Collar & Shoe Inner Structure with Non Rotating Cementing Plug

Non Rotating Float Collar&Shoe Inner Structure with Non Rotating Cementing Plug


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