Float Equipments

Single/Double Valve Float Collar

1Sizes from 5-1/2" to 20"
2.Single/Double Valve
3.Thread:LTC,STC,BTC and Premium thread
4.PDC Drillable
5.Cementing Infilling

  • Single/Double Valve Float Collar
■ Product's advantage

>>Float Collar is supplied with plunger valve in most of the application.
>>A non metallic Valve encased and held in place with a high pressure cement mixture.
>>This design ensure the valve the maximum circulation rate in vertical, horizontal and deviational wells.
>>Material used for float equipment is seamless casing grade steel.
>>Float equipment can be supplied in all grades of steel.
>>Traceability of component material starts from the mill material certificates,all machining of collars is processed on CNC machines.
>>Float equipment are tested and rated in compliance with API RP 1OF specs.
>>The material used in the valves in High polymer plastic and valve is consisting of Natural rubber coated on phenolic substance.
>>This non metallic valve encased and held in place with the high pressure cement mixture.
>>The design and manufacturing process of valve allow for maximum circulation rates.
>>These Shoes can be ordered in single or double vale and can also be supplied with cement nose, aluminum nose or bladed nose.
>>It can be supply with non rotating plate that is require with our Non Rotating Cementing plugs.
>>All our Float Equipments are PDC drillable.

>>Available in 5 1/2" to 20 "sizes + any special sizes.

Single/Double Valve Float Collar

>>In our company we have professional machining service center with the latest high-precision equipments and rich production experice.
>>There are cutting-edge, high-speed CNC machines operated with the latest CAD software to product tools built to precise specifications.
>>Our milling machines and lathes can handle various machining tasks.

Single/Double Valve Float Collar production

>>We offer API and premium thread service,providing thread solutions for a wide variety of well application.
>>All thread prcesses strengthen our QC requirements.

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