Float Equipments

Auto Fill Cementing Float Shoe

1.Sizes ranging from 5-1/2" to 20"
2.Automatically running into the hole
3.Conventional float equipment
4.PDC Drillable
5.API and premium thread

  •  Auto Fill  Cementing Float Shoe
■ Product's advantage

>>The Auto Fill Cement Float Shoe permits the casing to fill automatically while being run into the hole.
>>The valve is in the open position while
running in allowing maximum filling of the casing as it is lowered into the
well bore.
>>This is especially effective on liner jobs and sensitive whole conditions.
>>The circulation may be established at any time during or after casing is run.
>>The flapper type back pressure valve does not become operative until
the drop ball is dropped or pumped down.
>>From this point on like
Differential Fill-up Shoe, this model Auto Fill Cement Float Shoe acts as conventional Floating Equipment.
>>All Auto fill Cement Float Shoes are PDC drillable.

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