Cementing Baskets

Slip On Canvas Cementing Basket

1.Available in sizes 4-1/2" to 20"
2.Slip on type
3.Metal or canvas fins infilling
4.Welded or non welded bow

  • Slip On Canvas Cementing Basket
■ Product's advantage

The Canvas Cement Baskets consists of heavy duty canvas liners concentrated to staves and fabricated using high strength, flexible steel bows that are mounted on the steel slip-on end collar.
The baskets are not duplicated and occasionally allow traveling the length of the joint to allow pipe movement.
The cement basket has better ability to adapt to the bore hole and can accommodate larger than nominal hole sizes.
The sizes are available for all kinds of hole sizes and standard casing.
They are recommended for use in all kinds of standards casing grades.

Slip On Canvas Cementing Basket
Slip On Canvas Cementing Basket

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