Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings

Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps

1.Available with Tubing Pumps and Rod Pumps
2.Mechanically Simple Design
3.Applied for Artificial Lifting
4.Flexible,with a Wide Scope of Operations
5.Meeting API Specification 11AX

  • Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps
■ Product's advantage

 >>The sucker rod pumping is the oldest, the most economical and the most commonly used method for artificial lifting.

>>The sucker rod pump is a pump with reduced piston adapted to work in oil wells at greater depths. 
>>It is mechanically simple, it can work under a wide range of conditions and has a wide variety of available parts like valve balls&seats,pump barrels and so on. 
>>All these conditions make it a well-accepted and applicable method and approximately 85 percent of all artificially lifted wells are produced by sucker rod pumps.


Advantages of the sucker rod pumping system:

Easy and simple design and selection, low replacement costs.
Flexible, with a wide scope of operations.
Easy to operate in the field, well-known technology.
It can operate at low dynamic levels.
Resistant to high temperature fluid.
It can be used with corrosive and/or viscous fluids.


Limitations of the sucker rod pumping system:

Not suitable for deviated wells.
Limited in depth due to rod and/or pumping unit elongation and/or resistance.
Not suitable for high production volume and/or high water content.


Advantages of API Tubing Pump

>>The tubing pump is tough in construction and simple in design. The barrel is attached directly to the tubing and the sucker rods directly connect to the plunger. Below the barrel there is a seating nipple that locks in place the standing valve.
>>One of the possibilities consists in lowering the standing valve with a puller coupled to the plunger bottom until locking it to the nipple. Then, the plunger may be released from the standing valve when is rotated counterclockwise.
>>API tubing pumps provide the largest displacement possible in any size of tubing and the plunger diameter is slightly smaller than the tubing internal diameter.
>>The heavy wall barrel is directly connected to the tubing through a nipple.
>>The sucker rod string connects directly to the plunger top cage, eliminating the need for valve rods.

>>Due to its advantages, this type of pump is used by producers in wells where no frequent controls are needed.


Advantages of API Rod Pump(API Insert Pump)

>>The main characteristic of rod pumps is that they are attached to the tubing through ananchor system, so they can be pulled without disturbing the tubing. This reduces pulling unit time by more than 50 percent.
>>For installation purposes, first a seating nipple is run in the tubing; afterwards, the pump is run by the sucker rods until it clamps on the seating nipple and the pump is ready for operation.


Workshop of Sucker Rod Pumps
Workshop of Sucker Rod Pumps 

Production of Sucker Rod Pumps
Production of Sucker Rod Pumps

API Sucker Rod Pumps Code
API Sucker Rod Pumps Code

API 11AX Certificate for Sucker Rod Pumps
API 11AX Certificate for Sucker Rod Pumps


Wooden Case Package of API Sucker Rod Pumps
Wooden Case Package of API Sucker Rod Pumps


Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings
Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings
Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings

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