Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings

Plungers of Sucker Rod Pumps

1.Plunger Length and Clearance are available
2.Material:Stainless Steel,Spray Metal,Chrome Plated
3.API Number:P21,P22,P23
4.Pump Plunger End:Box End and Pin End
5.Meeting API 11AX specification

  • Plungers of Sucker Rod Pumps
■ Product's advantage

>>The friction between barrel and plunger is a very important factor to consider when designing pumps as it determines their service life. 

>>The correct selection of the clearance, as to allow the formation of a lubricant layer between the surfaces, will result in an excellent performance of the unit.  

>>Precision and surface finishing determine the plunger reliability.

>>There are plungers manufactured with different materials to be adapted to the different fluids and applications, 

>>In general, the most commonly used plungers are those with an outside coating. 

>>Nominal Plunger Length in feet (meters) and Clearance (FIT) in thousandths of an inch (hundredths of millimeters).


Material of Plunger

>>STAINLESS STEEL:For use with PA and split ring plungers. Stainless steel is a good corrosion and abrasion resistant material perfect for housing rings.

>>SPRAY METAL:For use in medium to severe pumping conditions. Made by spraying an alloy powder at high temperature on a steel tube. This makes the plunger very resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

>>CHROME PLATED:For use in severe abrasive conditions where corrosion is minimal. Chrome plating is applied to the OD giving the plunger and extremely hard surface.

Plungers of Sucker Rod Pumps


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