Sucker Rod Pumps and Fittings

Barrels of Sucker Rod Pumps

1.Thin Wall and Heavy Wall Barrels
2.Material:Stainless Steel,Chrome Plated
3.API Number:B11,B12,B13,B14,B15,B16
4.Pump Bore Diameter:1-1/16in to 3-3/4in
5.Meeting API 11AX specification

  • Barrels For Sucker Rod Pumps
■ Product's advantage

>>All barrels are manufactured with time tested accuracy and functionality. 

>>All A.P.I. standards are closely adhered to from material selection to our in-house honing and threading operations to quality control.

>>Barrels are manufactured with the most updated techniques of precision honing and polishing to obtain a mirror finished inside surface.


Material of Barrel

>>STEEL (PLAIN):For use in average pumping conditions where abrasion and corrosion are not a factor.

>>STAINLESS STEEL:Made from 304SS to withstand severe corrosion and medium abrasion.

>>CHROME PLATED:May be added to plain steel and brass barrels where severe corrosion is an issue. Harness up to Rc 72 with an applied thickness of 0.006″ after honing.

Barrels of Sucker Rod Pumps


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