Stop Collars

Slip On Set Screw Stop Collar

1.Tested in accordance to API
2.One-piece slip-on type with set screws
3.Offers extremely high holding performance
4.Large contact surface area
5.High axial load capability

  • Slip On Set Screw Stop Collar
■ Product's advantage

•  Rating—tested in accordance to API recommendations.
•  Design appearance—one-piece slip-on type with set screws. Non-welded design. Manufactured from high-grade, heat-treated steel.  stop collars have a high quality powder coated finish.
•  Performance—offers extremely high holding performance to casing centralizers.

•  Used in all types of well designs.
•  Sizes available—4 1/2 to 20 in. (custom sizes available).

•  High axial load capability.
•  Special use high-strength holding force set screws.
•  Large contact surface area.
•  Heat treated, eliminates internal thread stripping.

•  Available with stainless steel set screws.
•  Available in heavy-duty style with extended length and two rows of set screws with one side beveled.


Slip On Set Screw Stop Collar Package
Slip On Set Screw Stop Package
Slip On Set Screw Stop Package

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