Stop Collars

Slip on Set Screw Stainless Steel Stop Collar

1.One-Piece Design
2.Gripping force by one row of setscrew
3.Used in high axial load
4.Superior holding force
5.Most effective in low annual clearance

  • Slip on Set Screw Stainless Steel Stop Collar
■ Product's advantage

>>The stop ring design is a one-piece model that slips over the pin end of the pipe and secured in place with set screws.
>>The stop rings have a superior holding force and are especially applicable in close tolerance situations.
>>The stop collars are manufactured from tubular steel or high grade alloys to allow the centralizers a flat service to contact.
>>The flat surface allows the centralizers a smooth bearing surface for rotational applications.
>>The stop rings are available in a full range of sizes from 4-1/2” thru 20”.

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