Solid Rigid Centralizers

Spiral Vane Roller Composite Centralizer

1.Available in sizes 4-1/2" to 20"
2.API 10D specification
3.Run in inclined or horizontal section
4.Reducing this impact
5.Torque reduction is provided

  • Spiral Vane Roller Composite Centralizer
■ Product's advantage

>>Spiral Vane Roller Composite Centralizer consists of rigid body, on which machined spiral blades.
>>There are made of advanced composite 
that has a low coefficient of friction and is heat resistant and highly durable, fully heat treated rollers fixed on every spiral blades. 
>>Because of rigid body and rolling friction between the rollers and inside of well or casing.
>>The capability of the roller Centralizer is better than others of all. Roller/Wheeled composite centralizers are mainly used for big high Roller, high deviated wells and horizontal wells, to centre casings.
>>Roller Composite Centralizers can also remove wellbore cake and  improve mud replacement efficiency etc.
>>Roller Composite Centralizers provide superior wear resistance and have been proven to remain functional throughout the life of the well and can aid in casing/tubing retrieval.
>>Precision-machined inside diameter fits over the casing through the complete API tolerance range, providing excellent rotational performance in mud.
>>When running casing through open hole, the system’s smaller roller-contact area reduces the risk of differential sticking and maintains standoff .
>>The roller/axle relationship ensures that axle shear stresses remain within elastic limits, preventing permanent deformation.
>>Axles are crimped in place, eliminating the welding process, while ensuring the rollers cannot break free and fall into the wellbore.
>>The system’s high-quality construction materials improve high-pressure/high-temperature capabilities.

>>Roller Composite Centralizers are available in sizes 4-1/2" to 20".
>>Any special sizes are available on request.

Composite Centralizer Product Show
Composite Centralizer Product Show

Composite Centralizer Production
Composite Centralizer Production

Composite Centralizer Inspection by car
Composite Centralizer Inspection by car


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